I. Consultation

A personalized consultation is conducted with yourself and our SARAI BESPOKE designers preceding the creation of your SARAI BESPOKE piece. During this meeting your designer will get to know what makes you tick by discussing your daily proceedings as well as what necessities your unique garment must fulfill and address. This is to ensure creating a garment that will make you look and feel your best as well as exude an aura of refinement and allure. Your designer may also assess your current wardrobe and make note of what must be updated and how your personal style can be orchestrated to provide you with an elevated edge wherever you go by harnessing the power of proper fit, flattering colours, and appropriate styles for respective settings.

II. Fabric Selection

We carry a vast fabric selection from the World’s renowned mills such as Loro Piana, Scabal, Ermenegildo Zegna, Ariston, and Caccioppoli. You and your SARAI BESPOKE designer will carefully make the appropriate fabric selection(s) based on the parameters assessed in the consultation as well as the garment's purpose. This would entail selecting the appropriate fabric weight, pattern or texture, and colour. Proceeding fabric selection is your choice of the suit lining, a favourite step for many of our clients as we carry uniquely themed linings such as patterned art, travel, sports, floral, paisleys, and rich solids.

III. Design

With the assistance of your SARAI BESPOKE designer the design process will commence. You may create shirts, trousers, suits, waistcoats, and outerwear pieces for both men and women (skirts as well). Major design aspects include but are not limited to the style of the lapels, the width of the lapels, the shoulder construction, and the type of pockets and vents. Finer details such as thread colour, choice of unique buttons, belted back, slanted angle of the pockets, width of your waistband, side tab adjusters, suspender buttons, and more are all possible.

IV. Measurements

Over two dozen measurements will be recorded and your designer will create your profile which will ensure the best fit for your garment(s) of choice. Your measurements will be utilized to create a pattern upon which the fabrics will be cut against.

V. First & Second Fitting

A SARAI BESPOKE suit is made comfortably between six to eight weeks. During this time, your designer will be in touch to help you prepare with complementing accessories and discuss the versatility of the garment. Then comes your first fitting, during which minor adjustments will be attributed to the suit to deliver an impeccable fit. Please let us know of any personal preferences you may have regarding the garment and fit. Following these alterations, we schedule a second fitting in which the final fit is assessed. If there are any changes to your body and/or preferences, then further fittings may be scheduled.

VI. Personal Delivery

After your suit is fully fitted and pressed, we deliver it to you. Your SARAI BESPOKE suit will become a timeless and elegant piece in your wardrobe for many years to come.