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Terms & Conditions

Refunds and Returns


Sarai Bespoke produces custom garments of the highest quality to stand the test of time. Because each garment is unique and tailored to the measurements and specifications required for each individual, we do not offer any refunds.


In the event a garment arrives damaged from our production team, Sarai Bespoke will work directly with the client to produce a new custom garment as a replacement.


Payment Requirements and Options


Sarai Bespoke requires full payment for each garment ordered before production can begin.

Sarai Bespoke accepts payment via Visa, American Express, Mastercard, or Sarai Bespoke gift card. Payments can be made in person in our Vancouver showroom or through an online invoice we send to your preferred email address.    




Sarai Bespoke works with clients both in Vancouver, Canada, where the company is headquartered, as well as internationally. Should shipping be required to deliver a garment, our team will coordinate directly with each individual client to ensure the fastest delivery method is used. 

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